Nimble Research is a software reliability research and consulting company located in Monrovia, CA 91016, USA.

Areas of expertise include:

  • static source code analysis tools and techniques
  • code review process and tools
  • risk-based coding standards and compliance verification
  • software analysis of
    • safety critical systems
    • concurrent or multi-threaded software
  • on-site and/or online training in
    • software risk management
    • critical software development
    • static code analysis techniques
    • logic model checking of multi-threaded code
    • formal software verification

Nimble Research was founded by Gerard Holzmann, after working as a researcher in the famed Computing Science Research Center of Bell Laboratories (where Unix, C, and C++ were developed), and leading NASA/JPL's Laboratory for Reliable Software in Pasadena, CA (where the software and most of the hardware for the Mars rovers is designed and build, and from where they are operated).

  • U.S. National Academy of Engineering
  • ACM Fellow, JPL Fellow
  • Faculty Associate in Computing & Mathematical Sciences at Caltech
  • Short CV; long CV

Contact: gh [atsign] nimbleresearch [dot] com